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Retaining Walls

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Services Overview

  • Hydro seeding
  • Residential and commercial Landscaping
  • Golf course construction
  • Renovation, remodel and repairs
  • Erosion Control
  • Retaining walls
  • Stone patios, walks, and drives
  • Weed Control & Plant Pest Management

Hydro Seeding

Hydro seeding is a very effective way to install a lawn, park, ball field or golf course with turfgrass or native grass. In a slurry of organic material, seed, tackifier, fertilizer and water will sow a seed in almost any environment. On very steep slopes or flat ground hydro seeding keeps the seed in place giving it the opportunity to grow. We can meet with you on your site to determine the best variety of seed or hydro mulching application for you conditions. Once a turf grass is planted, in conjunction with a well designed sprinkler system, the first mowing is 4 weeks away, establishment will occur rapidly after. We hydro seed with north western adapted Kentucky Blue Grass blends, more draught tolerant Fescue blends or any other native grass and wildflower blends. Hydro seeding in conjunction with drill seeding is a standard approach to revegetating road slopes, right of ways, utility facilities, mines, oil wells and other native grass areas. In most situations with native grasses, establishment usually takes two years. Some of the larger seeding projects the company has completed include Shiloh Conservation Area, Medicine Crow Middle School, Ben Steele Middle School, several hundred acres of oil field wells and right of ways.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping

We offer custom sprinkler and irrigation design and installation. Our systems range in size and scope from new irrigation timers at Jaw Bone Creek golf course in Harlowton Montana to residential projects in our home of Billings. We only install top of the line materials from industry leaders like Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro. We like to meet with you and gather your ideas and help shape them into a landscape that fits your life style and desires for your outdoor space. We can build your sprinkler system to be the most efficient possible, utilizing rain sensors, soil moisture sensors and remote control. We ensure that your landscape will receive adequate water supply. We overlap and achieve head-to-head coverage in turf grass areas. In ornamental and tree planting areas, we will design the drip system to deliver the proper amount of water the individual plan species requires.

Hardscapes do bring a lot of diversity to a well-designed landscape. We will meet with our clients to determine the best use of stones and pavers, and whether they are manufactured or natural. Retaining walls that we build are also made from manufactured materials such as Pavestone or Belgarde, the other options are large naturally quarried stone, both offer the customer a large variety of choices. Retaining walls may be necessary to adjust for a steep slope or to build up a flower bed manufactured or natural stone can work in either situation. These materials can be designed to achieve an inviting outdoor living space which could include kitchens, barbeque pits, fire pits, bars and lounge areas. The rock and stones can also be built into a very calming water feature. We can build the water feature with or without pond.  We can utilize pond-less water features in a smaller landscapes as well as larger landscapes to create a vibrant, special outdoor space.

Landscape lighting is a great way to provide a totally different look for a minimal cost. Low voltage lighting is also a wonderful security asset. We offer many different styles from path and walkways to accent lighting with various colors to enhance your yard.

Residential Landscaping

Renovation, Remodel and Repairs

Renovations or modifications of existing sprinkler systems and other landscape features may be our customers’ concern. It may be time to remodel an old sprinkler system. We meet with our customer and determine if they need to move heads, add heads, add zones or the system has outlived its production life and may need to be completely renovated. Inefficient sprinkler systems can cause stress on plant material causing them to dye or not grow to their full potential. If they need to be replaced, we can remove the dead or dying plants and replace them with new plants.

Irrigation Repair

Golf Course Construction

Our golf course construction projects include earthwork, shaping, irrigation repairs or new installations.

We will meet with the architects and owners on site to plan and complete your project. We have years of experience building tees, greens, bunkers, fairways, practice areas, ponds and water features. John has always had a special place in the company for golf course work, smaller towns and courses throughout Montana need work and we can provide a great source for lower budget properties. Some of the golf courses In Montana we have worked on include Madison Meadows Golf Course in Ennis, Jaw Bone Creek in Harlowton, Rising Sun Golf Course in Emigrant, Hilands Golf Club in Billings and Trails West Golf Course in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Erosion Control

Erosion control is necessary to prevent top soil erosion and storm water pollution. General contractors who build roads, right of ways, mines or any other larger earthmoving projects will have to meet state guidelines on the revegetation of these areas as well as preventing storm water pollution. We meet the client on site and help to build a storm water prevention and revegetation plan. Best management practices we have employed include installation of erosion control blankets, straw waddles, Sediment Stop, Geo Ridges, silt fence, bonded fiber matrix hydro mulches, and drill seeding. We have used these bmp’s on right of ways in Fishtail Montana and Red lodge Montana, and several hundred acres in the Bakken oil field.

Erosion Control

Weed Control & Plant Pest Management

Weed control in a landscape situation is very important since weeds can become a problem. Weeds can take essential plant nutrients; water and light making the desirable plant suffer or die. Proper application of pesticides can eliminate this potential problem. Weed control is also important in landscapes that utilize more ground cover that is rock or bark, preventive applications will leave your landscape completely free of weeds and undesirable plants or insects.

Licensed and Insured

We are licensed and insured. We have a Montana nursery license. We are a registered contractor in the state of Montana. We are also a member of the Montana Nursery & Landscapes Association. We are licensed in Montana for commercial applications of pesticides on ornamental plants and turf grasses.